new domain controller not getting listed in main domain controller




We have our main dc kept at isp office. and other two dc's
are in our office. for hardware upgradation we planned two
replace one secondary server at our office , which was
also a Global catalog server in this site. Both the main
dc and this secondary dc are on live after the
win2k server installation we installed active directory
and created this new server as a third dc. Then we
replaced this new dc with the old dc ( for upgradation).
now the problem is that our main dc is not showing an
domaion controler account in its dc list for this new dc.
on the new dc's system event log an error message for SAM
is coming repeatedly. the message is as follows "The
account-identifier allocator failed to initialize operly.
The record data contains the NT error code that caused the
failure. Windows 2000 will retry the initialization until
it succeeds; until that time, account creation will be
denied on this Domain Controller. Please look for other
SAM event logs that may indicate the exact reason for the
failure. "

Any solution for how to create dc account in the main dc.
is there any problem with the installation of active

David Fisher [MSFT]

Hello Ketan.

You may want to take a look at the DCPROMO.LOG file found on the domain
controller with the SAM errors. It will indicate what existing domain
controller was used to source the Active Directory data during DCPROMO. It
is found in the \winnt\debug folder.

Once you locate the source domain controller, open Active Directory Users
and Computers on it to see if the machine account for the new domain
controller exists in the 'domain controllers' OU.

If the machine account exists there, you will need to determine why
replication is failing in the environment or why the new domain controller
was unable to perform an inbound replication of its machine account.

If you can confirm that DNS resolution, connectivity, and access to all
domain controllers is working, you will then need to create the appropriate
connection objects on the domain controller used as the source (the one from
the second paragraph above). This process is detailed in the following
article and requires the use of repadmin:

232538 Unsuccessful Replication Without Partner Listed

Best Regards,
David Fisher
Enterprise Platform Support

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