new development in xp setup error



Hi, I have accessed a blue screen which prepares me for
xp setup.

I have three options
- setup windows xp now
- repair a windows xp installation using recovery console
- quit setup without installing

which should I pick?

Error Background Information:

Hi, I have tried to install xp using the oem disk I had
on my last computer. This didn't work as I soon found
out, as I am unable to use the same disk to install on a
different computer (I was halted at the product
activation key). So I went out and bought a new disk.

When I went to install it, however, it loads up as it did
previously but halts at the point where it should
continue the installation of windows-- i.e. I get the
blue screen up where it says how far into the setup we
are and that setup will take approximately 39 minutes. On
this same screen it shows that the collecting
information, dynamic update and preparing installation
circles are all checked as done. The installing windows
circle is unchecked.

The error message that comes up at this point is
"An error has been encountered that prevents setup form

"Setup failed to install product catalogs. This is a
fatal error. The setup log files should contain more

"Press ok to view the setup log file".

The error code is 800b0100.

I believe I need to format the hard disk again and
reformat to correctly install the new disk. However, I
have put in the floppy and booted from the floppy with
fdisk and the first xp boot disk, and both times the
black screen with microsft prof. loading window comes up.
It doesnt boot from floppy even when I've said to in the

How do I get in to re-format the hard drive properly?
Is this even what I need to do?

thanks for any help.



Rich Barry

If you have gotten this far then choose "Setup Windows XP Now"

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