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now you have to treat me like a total dim wit, to be fair, because I am just
learning this fantastic new world of Access. I know that what I want done
can be done, I just dont know how yet.

I have posted before, and you guys are so brilliant in helping, that i
thought I would start here to make sure I am on the right track. So here

Essentially, I have worked out the types of tables I need. Employees,
Customers, Orders and Inventory

Ok so I started with downloaing a business template called, Inventory.
Fantastic, I now have tables, reports and forms for Inventory, Suppliers and
Employees. Great start. Where to know?

Am I on the right track by thinking, I now have to create tables for
Customers and Orders and Order Details?

I know this might seem really simple, but I want my foundation of the
database to be right. I have read that the more attention that is paid to
setup, the easier the database will run. Anyway shall put it out there for
the experts to advise.

Thanks again.

Al Campagna

Well, yes... if you want to sell the items you have in inventory to your
customers, you will need an Order form.
The main part of the form would be where you select what customer has
placed the Order. (ex. tblOrders)
The subform will be where you indicate what item/s (from inventory) that
customer purchased. (ex. tblOrderItems)
ONE Customer... MANY Items Ordered.

It's difficult to say too much more, since we don't really know the
specifics of your situation. Get in there and start building, and use these
newsgroup to help you with specific problems... as they occur.

Welcome to Access... and good luck...
Al Campagna
Microsoft Access MVP
"Find a job that you love... and you'll never work a day in your life."


Thanks Al. Thats where I will start then. Shall post again if I have

Thanks again for your time.

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