New Column: Share Your Photos on a Portable Device Using Photo Sto



New Column: Share Your Photos on a Portable Device Using Photo Story 3

Windows XP Expert Zone Community Columnist Joli Ballew explains how to use
the new features in Photo Story 3 to create a heartwarming photo story that
can be shown on a portable device.

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Chris Norred
Tech editor

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PapaJohn \(MVP\)

Thanks for the link Chris,

Joli's article is great as usual... and I appreciate the link on the sidebar
to my PhotoStory 3 website. But the link doesn't work on 2 of my computers.

It seems that all the links on your page are totally in lower-case, and some
of my folder/file names have mixed cases.... this link works for me.

Makes me wonder if I'm off-base across the board on mixing upper and lower

Movie Maker 2 and Photo Story 3 -
Photo Story 2 -


I've used PS3 to demonstrate it's applicability to education. I decided to
use voice narration -- and the volume of the sound went straight down when I
played it back -- I used a plug-in mic, and tried two different ones. There
were no settings that would bring the sound up to an acceptable level -- at
the highest settings you could just hear the narration. I fiddled with
different things, had some tekkies come take a look -- any suggestions?
Thanks. Claudia Vandermade



I wonder if you can improve the mic settings in the Sound applet in Control
Panel? Click the Audio button and locate the Volume and Advanced settings for
the mic. You may find your problem there. You might also want to check other
sound settings, like playback.



3-24-2005 I posted the below question on Wed, 3-23-2005 12:50 a.m
as a response to P. Bloom, Wed, 12-22-2004 9:49 a.m. post

"I saw your question, and I am having the same problem too. Did yo
ever get it figured out?

I downloaded Photo Story 3 (several times) but when I press run I ge
"Error 28000 Generic custom action error" which doesn't allow th
wizard to install the Photo Story 3 program.

I stayed up all last night trying to figure this out as I had jus
became aware that Photo Story 3 exists. A sister-in-law sent me
photostory and after some time I was able to figure it out as to ho
to view it in my Windows Media Player (version 10)

I decided to download the program and went through the various steps
I did the install geniune windows validation componet. My window
player is all updated. I have XP service pack 2 loaded into ou
computer. I can play the sample photo stories from the website.

I have updated the current version of Microsoft DirectX 9.0C an
installed the #839643 update for it. I downloaded WM9Codecs.exe t
make sure I had all the codecs.

I noticed that when I did this it seemed like it did not change thi
reading which was:

"No Windows Video 9 image V2" I saw this when I had a mplayer2.ex
(small like media player) on my screen. I had gone to files, clicke
on properties, and then clicked on advance. I don't know if this i
my problem as I did try update the codecs.

This is all driving me nutty trying to figure this out. Any help fro
you or anyone else would be appreciated.


In this new forum group would there be someone who could answer m
question. I called Microsoft today to see if I could get a disc fo
Photo Story 3 but was told that they do not offer a disc. If I wan
it on a disc I need to download and burn it on a disc. I figured i
I did go to all that trouble, I would probably have the same erro
message come up. I have tried to do a lot of research on why
can't install Photo Story 3 and am getting no where. I was told if
called 1-800-936-5700 I could pay $35 for tech support throug

Again - is there any one who can answer this error problem or how
may install Photo Story


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