Networking "self-destructs" after joining Windows 2003 Domain



I realize that this has been posted before, but no solution seems to be
found. This is a HUGE problem and will abosolutely prevent any rollout of
Vista in my organization if there is no solution to this problem. Basically,
the problem is this:

- New Vista setup (new install or upgrade) works fine until joined to the
Win2K3 domain.
- After joining the Win2K3 domain, Vista still OK after the first reboot,
but after a subsequent shutdown/restart, the following happens:
* DHCP Client service shuts down with a 1004 Access is denied error.
* No IP address is leased from the DHCP server (since no DHCP Client
* Machine is logged in with cached login information but no attempts to
correct the network failures are successful.

So far I have found no solution to this problem other than reinstall the O/S
and all applications. I have tried saving a Restore point before joining the
doimain and that is not sufficient for restoring the system to a working

Additional information:

- In addition to the DHCP Client not starting, the following "automatic"
startup services are failing as well:

* Base Filtering Engine
* Diagnostic Policy Service
* IKE and AuthIP IPsec Keying Modules
* IPsec Policy Agent
* Network List Service
* Network Location Awareness
* Thread Ordering Server
* Windows Audio
* Windows Firewall
* Windows Time
* Windows Media Center Service Launcher

All of these services are set to Log On as "Local Service" except IPsec
Policy Agent and Network Location Awareness - these are set to Network
Service. Incidentally, there are about a dozen services which use the Local
Service account that are starting correctly so I'm not sure what the problem

Please Help.

Nick Payne

I upgraded a WinXP workstation that was already a domain member (2003 native
mode domain) to RC2 and have had no problems such as you describe. The
workstation was still a domain member after the upgrade and networking works
fine. Must have rebooted it six or eight times so far...

Haven't yet tried joining a fresh install to the domain.


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