networking cable problem



I have been trying to network two home computers for file
and print sharing. I had to purchase a new Ethernet
adapter in order to do this. I have one computer running
directly to the DSL modem, and the second connected to
the new adapter through a HUB (which I had previously
been using to connect the 2 PC to the internet
separately, with no file sharing.)
When I run "Network Wizard" on XP, I get the message that
my new Ethernet card has "Networking Cable Unplugged" - I
don't get why??? It's a Plug and Play adapter - there
are no cables (except for the one that runs to the HUB -
which is connected.)
Any ideas? This is very bothersome.




"Networking Cable Unplugged" does not mean that the cable
is not plugged in it says that there is not signal
detected on the cable. It is not detecting a carrier from
the Hub!

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