network problems after SP 2 installation



Hi, all!
After installation of SP 2 on my Win XP home faced with the problem: when
trying to connect my laptop (Win XP with SP 2 installed) to home desktop
computer (Win 98 installed) by LAN "point to point" cable have error message
in Win XP "connection limited or no connectivity" appeares in taskbar.
Network function such as network printing, files transfer work properly but
symbol "!" in triangle constantly presents in taskbar with network
connection symbol. After trying "Repair" function the same situation no any
changes. Before installation of SP 2 for Win Xp everything was O'K.
Please help to clarify this problem!



I still answer the same thing. I don't think your network have 100 over PCs.
I don't see a problem with SP2 with network. I realize people love to blame


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