Network Monitoring and/or Tracking


Ramsin G

Um... I was just wondering what kind of network monitoring or tracking
software could be used, by a business to track messages and packets sent in
the LAN. (windows 2000)

Any good software????

Ramsin G
(e-mail address removed)
It isn't that UNIX isn't a user-freindly operating system, it's
just very choosy about who its friends are, and even best friends
fight sometimes.

Email Scanned with Norton Anti-Virus!!!


There's plenty of software out there, free and paid,
depending on what it is you want to monitor. Here's a good
start: MRTG, Etherpeak, Etherreal, and also, Network
Performance Monitor that comes bundled with Windows, or
better yet, I believe the Engineers Edition has a big
brother called Orion.

Runs as a service.
Web Interface with permissions per user.
SQL backend.
Report feature.
Get access to the underlying data for further analysis via
the web.

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