network messenger service


Mark Scott

I am running a mixed mode school network with NT4 / 2000 and 2003 Servers
along with a mix of 98 / NT4 / 2000 and XP clients.

I have had a serious incident today of a student accessing the net send
command line sending rude messages to all and sundry. I have been asked to
rectify the problem.

My first thought was to disable the local messenger service on the
workstation, this had the opposite effect - I could still send to everyone
but not receive the message back. so I gather from that exercise the
messenger service is the receiving agent for NET SEND messages.

What I would ideally like is for the student workstations to be disabled
from sending the messages and staff workstations have 2 way access. Can I
change the permissions on NET.EXE even though I am using NET USE statements
in my logon script?

I am now toying with the idea of enabling IM on my Exchange 2000 standard
edition server, can I do this and centrally assign a messenger contact list
with peopole in groups that I set?

Finally, can I globally disable the NET SEND infrastructure? is there a
messaging program I can distribute to staff for administrative purposes?






You can use Bassline WinPopUp receive only version. It has no user
interfaces to send, but with complete receiving facilities. (Actually,
executable of this version has no code to send, to prevent cracking to
enable sending capability)

Install receive-only version to students' machines, full featured
version to admins'.

Bassline WinPopUp,


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