Network & Dial-up Connections problems...




Here's the situation; I'm running Windows 200 Server (sp4) with Symantec AV
corp 9.

The system seems alright, everyone can access their network drives, the
server can browse the network neighborhood. The thing is this, I can't
access the following screen: Start, Settings..., Network & Dial-up
Connections. The system just stops responding to that. No errors, no other
apparent problem. It is as thought Windows forgets about the command. I
have tried to do a Windows update, and the same thing happens there. It
downloads the updates but when it installs it stops midway.

I have noticed that the Network Connections Service is not started and when
I try to start it I finally get an error: Error 1053. A pretty general

Can ANYONE shed some light on this matter?



I have exactly the same problem which started this week, we picked it up
when all the remote users were unable to login using their pptp clients.
Terminal server is also not working and it all appears to be because the
network connections service does not start and therefore RAS services fails
as well. When starting up in safe mode with networking then the network
connections service does start but the RAS service does not. I also restored
the system state but the problem remains, does anyone know if this is related
to a virus or something? Nortons does not pick anything up either.


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