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Hi All,

I have the strangest problem with Vista Business on my laptop. Here is the summary.

I am not able to successfully ping this machine from others in the LAN. At the same time I can ping all machines and router on the LAN from this machine. I maintain connectivity to the Internet and use this machine for Remote Desktop etc. However no other machine is able to ping it and hence not able to open shared folders on it either. I get a simple 'Request timed out' message.

Now the strange part. I have done about every possible thing to fix this, to no avail.

1. I have tried turning off the firewall.
2. I have configured the firewall so that it allows ICMP echo requests inbound as well as outbound (just to be sure).
3. I have updated my wireless adapter driver to the latest.
4. I have matched service to service every thing to another Vista Home machine (enabled services) on the network that replies to pings sucessfully.

I am absolutely unable to understand why the ping keeps timing out. The last straw that I thought might have brought me closer is that that I get a ping reply from this machine if it is started in safe mode. This leads me to believe that some thing in normal mode is blocking the ping. I have no third party firewall installed. The only antivirus I have is ClamWin which I do not think has a firewall.

Does anyone have any ideas on this?

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Pavel A.

This symptom of "one way ping" is known and isn't specific to Vista.
Can be caused by a wrong subnet mask, overlapping routes etc.
In Vista, it also can be caused by ip6, private routing compartments etc.

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