netware-like print ques in win2k server



I am forced to migrate from Netware 6 to win2k 2000. I
still use several legacy DOS programs that expect to see
print queues on the network in order to find network
printers. Is there any way to have Netware-like print
queues in the win2k server environment? Example:
WordPerfect for DOS Ver. 6.1. Buy the way, I have used up
lpt1, lpt2, and lpt3 with net use for another DOS program
that needs print queues.

Mike Crabtree

Almost all programs should allow you to print via lptx ports - I'm surprised
the WP6.1 for DOS does not - although I guess it was a Novell product at the

If it really won't - you can install FPNW on the w2k server(s) to get them to
emulate NetWare bindery based print queues

FPNW is part of the SFN suite - link below

Mike Crabtree MVP

MS Services for NetWare -

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