NetBEUI not an Option



Trying to get a Win98 machine talking to a Win 2000 pro machine. TCP is on
both and ICS works but two machines unable to find Shared folders. So
thought "add NetBEUI"
But on the Win2000 machine there is No Option for NetBEUI?
I find options for IPX and Network Montor, But no NetBEUI, Appletalk or DLC,
which I have on other machines.

Am I missing/forgetting some thing stupid here?


Netbeui is available on Win2K. But I've never had any trouble connecting W98
and W2K using NBT over TCP/IP. Installing multi-protocols tends to slow
things down, altough I agree that NetBEUI works better in simple network
configs. You can, of course disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP and force all
NetBIOS traffic to use NetBEUI. But I'd suspect something else as the reason
you can't connect.


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