.NET Sockets Help



Hi, I'm a beginner to VB.NET ...

I ve been trying to learn .net System.Net.Sockets but i cant seem to figure
out a few things... Being that I am an ex-VB6 developer, I am pretty used
to Winsock programming.

So far, I have figured out how to accept multiple connections to a single
port and send and receive data from the network streams.

What I am having trouble with now, is determining when the socket is closed
unexpectedly. WIth Winsock programming, I could just listen in on the
Closed event, but there is no such event now..

So my question is how can i determine if the client closes the connection

Also, does a class exist for VB.NET which more or less simulates a Winsock
environment, or at least makes .net sockets a bit easier, at least for a new
guy? ;) Any examples would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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