.NET Framework security questions



I'm thinking to release a C# .NET 4 Framework freeware program executable to Usenet. I will run the executable through one of those MD5 hash functiongenerators to generate a checksum.

Some questions

1/ nothwithstanding http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MD5 and apparently the MD5checksum is broken, I think for most small scale non-commercial routine freeware purposes the MD5 method is 'good enough' to guarantee security for asimple program like mine, which is nothing commercial and will simply calculate some chess scores. It's unlikely a sophisticated hacker will try andgenerate the same file signature with a virus attached. Agree?

2/ as it will be a C# program, I will run it through the 'Community Obfuscator' in Visual Studio 2010, but is there any way that somebody can reverse engineer the code and figure out what machine, or worse, which author, produced it? Because I also code with this same version of VS other commercialquality code under my real name? Does VS leave a serial number embedded in the IL (see: NET Framework intermediate language, http://www.dotnetperls.com/il)? But even if it does, I don't see how they would link this released freeware to my other stuff easily, though I'd hate for somebody to attacha virus to it then have people irate at the real me, thinking I did it.

3/ A good free site for anonymous public FTP and for attaching screenshots is? I know of a few places already but want others opinions. I wish to upload the program, with screenshots and a page of instructions. It's not a big program, so space is not an issue.

Thanks to all who reply. I will post this in another forum as well.


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