.Net Framework installation on Vista 5456



Hi All,
I have one add-ins application require .net framework 1.1 preinstalled.
But when I install it from internet download, the installer rollback with
error during installation. I just know Vista 5456 with build in framework
3.0. How I can install it? thank you



I had the same problem, it rolls back because the system needs .Net 1.1 with
SP1, and you can't apply SP1 because it needs the original 1.1. The only
remedy would be a .Net 1.1 Framework with SP already applied.

Nevertheless, that was happening in 16-bit Vista, and I decided to make a
clean install of 64-bit version and it worked!!!! It shows all warnings, but
forget them and install .Net 1.1, then apply SP1. Everything is working now.


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