.net application using ThinInstall problem...



I all, this is my first time that im using google groups so i dont
know how it work.. but i'm going to try anyway :p

I have build a application on Vb.net 2005 Framework 2.0.
That application is for installing a setup of my company on many
Notebook of our client's.

So like many of you may know Applications .net 2005 need Framework 2.0
to run, and if you are using a .net application on Network ( that is
my case ) you need to give all the time permisions on Microsoft .NET
Framework 2.0 Configuration for that applicaiton to start on
Network ...

But i was looking on google to make a stand alone .exe that dont need
Framework or the permisions to start on Network .. the name is "
ThinInstall" good application ...

Anyway i have used ThinInstall , it as "re-compiled my application"
and sucess, with works on laptop's without Framework and i dont need
to give permisions.. BUT!! , when i try to use my application to Run
the setup that my company sell's , the setup open and stay like
"block" telling " Teams32 Installing " and stays like that for hours
and maybe days... But if i dont use the application ThinInstall to "re-
compile" my applicaton the setup works fine.. so i'm guessing that the
problem is that the Installer think that i have a Framework installed
and then he dont start ?

I hope this question is for this topic.
Thanks in Advance.


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