.Net 1.1 Framework and Vista 5456



In previous versions of Vista I have been able to install the .Net 1.1 just
fine. However when using Vista build 5456 I recive a message saying that
..Net Framework 1.1 is not compatible, and gives me an option to continue
installation or quit.

When I choose to continue the installation .Net fails to install. This
leaves me with a couple of questions.

Is .Net 1.1 going to be installable on Vista? If it is and this is just a
bug will users always get that message about incompatibility from now on? If
Microsoft is no longer going to allow .Net 1.1 to be installed on Vista, is
there some official statement concerning this.


Only thing that is certain is that 1-based apps will continue to work in one
way of other.
I'd give 1:3 for MS adding v1 based .NET to Vista by default and 2:3 for
having it as optionally installable component.

Most 1.1 apps do work in 2.0 fine, they just block from using it because in
the case odd case there would be subtle bugs in the apps.

Next time try the private forum for interim related questions. I don't see
why would people want to put 5456 unless they're on the technical test
program since while it may have had some fine tuning it's also very likely
to have major issues like yours.

Colin Barnhorst

You need to take this question to the TechBeta newsgroups on betanews.
Folks here are still using 5384 and some are sensitive about it.


yea mine..Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "6.0.5384.4

I was under the impression that vista came with .net 3.0, and with this
being fact, you would not be able to load a previous version on it.

If they are up to 5456 now,.. I am probably waisting my time submitting
bug reports to various vendors as well as microsoft. Makes it kind of hard
without being current, wether a bug in the os was cause for a crash, etc. or
wether an item has actually already been fixed. I guess that's what i get for
being a poor joe that can't afford a technet/msdn subscription anymore.

Colin Barnhorst

There is no public availability of .netframework 3.0 yet. WinFX was just
renamed .netframework 3.0 in a recent MS announcement. There is no public
beta for it yet and it will likely be a while before there is.

Vista comes with .netframework 2.0 as part of the OS installation. The
change is that .netframework 2.0 is only an optional component of XP.

Colin Barnhorst

Why do we have System32 folders in x64 systems? Because once some system
labels get established dependencies and compatibilities rule. I assure you
that .netframework 3.0 is not installed on any Vista system yet. As for
WinFX folders, I simply don't know. That one would be good to ask over on

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