Nested if/then or array???


Karin B

I've been using the vlookup function to reference a cell value (Sofa,
Loveseat, Chair, etc), find it in an existing list/chart and return the
standard value in a given column. Ex: =vlookup(r3, Lookups!A4:Z27,19,False)
Works great.

I've run into trouble however when in certain places I FIRST need to know
which of three OTHER cells have been selected. (Ex: Fabric, Leather, Lthr
Combo) The one selected will change which column I need to reference in the
vlookup. In other words this becomes instead of just "Sofa" - now it's a
"Fabric, Sofa" or "Leather, Sofa" or "Lthr Combo, Sofa".

In my formula cell I need to first know which cell was selected of the three
above and then reference the cell that is hooked up to the vlookup
list/chart. If fabric is selected I will need to look at column 13 not 19,
leather 14 not 19, etc.....

I can't seem to nest the if/thens correctly - or am needing to take a
different approach altogether. If you can be of any assistance your help
would be much appreciated. Or if I can try and provide you further detail.

Thanks so much.



Bob Phillips

=vlookup(r3, Lookups!A4:Z27,IF(fabric,13,IF(leather,14,19)),False)



(there's no email, no snail mail, but somewhere should be gmail in my addy)


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