Nested if statements Arrays - help!!


Diver Dan

I basically have a collum of dates and I want to have a descriptive
cell with the range of dates. The dates are all entered from another
sheet by a user and this page is a summary page the formula looks
something like:


with A25 being the first date and the sequence of IF statements
determining what the end date should be. This works fine untill the 7th
If statement, because I guess that is the maximum nested ifs one can
have. It seems using an array will help with this but I am lost. Any
help is appreciated.


Debra Dalgleish

If all the cells contain a date or a zero, the following formula should

=TEXT(A25,"mmm dd, yyyy") &" - "& TEXT(MAX($A$26:$A$39),"mmm dd, yyyy")

Diver Dan

Debra Dalgleish said:
=TEXT(A25,"mmm dd, yyyy") &" - "& TEXT(MAX($A$26:$A$39),"mmm dd, yyyy")

This did it-thank you!!! Just one question --- why the $A$26 or really
why the $ in the formula. I looked up max - I should have done this
before but I am still not sure ..... Again much thanks!!!!!!

Diver Dan

This works great thank you , thank you!!!! One question why the $ in
the Max arguements?

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