Nested DWT



Is it possible to nest a dwt inside another one?

Using a table layout, I would like to "nest" my left navigation insde a cell
in my master layout. I tried setting it up as an include file, but I want to
use a dynamic outline for the navigation and and includes only insert the
code inside the body, so the expandable script is lost.

I created a master template with editable regions for the body and left
navigation. I then created another dwt that has navigation content only. I
attached the master dwt to a new page. This all works fine. But when I try
to attache the navigation dwt to the new page by mapping it to the navigation
editable region, the whole page fills with blank space, which appears to be
the "body" editable region.

My ultimate goal is to have (1) a seperate dwt for navigation that can be
attached to individual pages and (2) to have the navigation displayed as an
expandable list using custom image bullets. Is there a better way to do



Sorry, but you can't next DWTs. This feature was present in some beta
versions of FP2003, but didn't make it into the final release.

As a result, you need to either make the Include Page componet work, or use
two different DWT's (one with navigation and one without).

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Tina Clarke

AV said:
Is it possible to nest a dwt inside another one?

This is why dwt's are good for dynamic menus.... put the code on the dwt
ONCE .... and in your include ... the code is going to appear on all your
pages that are attached to the dwt ...

Otherwise will work with includes (and shared borders) and
they have a fp addon... good for earlier versions but not really needed with
fp03 because you can use the dwt ...

not really sure what your problem is, dwt by it's nature is going to put the
code on all pages which is what you want...


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Cheryl D Wise

As Jim said sadly you cannot nest DWTs. As far as I know the only program
out there that will let you nest DWTs is Dreamweaver MX 2004 (not earlier

You can use include pages in the "nest" for navigation, either FP includes
or SSI includes. I chose to use SSI includes at
While I believe Tina prefers to use FP includes with her DWTs.

Try using CSS to control your bullets and either put your javascript in the
DWT or put it in an external js file that you an link to in the head section
of your page. You can also put your javascript inside the include since
javascript does not have to be in the head section to run. I suspect the
navigation at is something like you are trying to do. It
happens to use Dreamweaver nested DWTs but you could create the same exact
effect using FP includes in the editable navigation region.

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