Neither JPEGs nor TIFFs will open in Photoshop CS



The operating system you're using - XP Pro

The version of VueScan you're using (must be the latest)- 7.6.78
The scanner you're using - HP ScanJet 6200C
A list of other USB and SCSI peripherals - Epson 1280
A brief description of the problem - Scanning Monaco Systems Target
into Photoshop to make custom profiles for my Epson 1280 printer.
Chose TIFF uncompressed and JPEG separately and neither will open in
PS. I get a message that it's the wrong kind of file.

Things you've already tried to solve the problem - everything that's
on the Hamrick site.

Anyone else experience a similar issue?


Phil Shalen

Chris Cox

Either you have a plugin installed that is trying to intercept JPEG and
TIFF and is doing so incorrectly....

OR the files don't have the correct .tif/.tiff or .jpg/jpeg extension,
so Photoshop doesn't know what type of file they are.


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