Need to transform the dates to months



I need help with a formula that will lookup the dates into months.

For example, if I have a set of dates in a column:

01/15/07 ==>> Jan '07
02/05/07 ==>> Feb '07
02/13/07 ==>> Feb '07
01/05/06 ==>> Jan '06
04/25/06 ==>> Apr '06

I need a formula that will switch them to the month and year that the date
is within that month and year.




One way ..
With source dates in A1 down (assumed to be real dates)
Then in B1: =TEXT(A1,"mmm 'yy")
Copy down

Sandy Mann

If you want to change the existing dates then re-format them to Custom
Fromat mmm yy

or if you want the apostrophe as well use mmm 'yy

But this shows as with the apostrophe hard up agains the zero so you might
want to include a space:

mmm ' yy


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