Need to Restore 'Add Printer' icon to my XP system



After repairing my XP SP2 system I was going through and checking out my
system. My wife had several documents that she wanted printed so I fired up
both MS-Word and MS-Excel to print out here information. I issued the print
command from the menu and rcvd the following msg: "No printers are
installed?!. To install yada..yada..yada thru the Windows Start menu Printer
Link item. When the Printer window opened to a blank screen, I was totally
puzzled?? My printers that I had previous had established and the 'Add
Printer' icons were nowhere to be found. I hope there is a simple way to
restore the 'Add Printer' icon so that I may reinstall my printers. Any help
would be appreciated. Thanks in advance . . .

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