Need to repair context menu "open" in start menu


Yves Leclerc

I am reposting my question, with using more precise words since the other
responses where gear toward mouse problems.

I have a problem with the right-click context menu when I try it in the 'All
Programs" section of the Start Menu. It does not matter which user I use,
whenever I right click on a folder and select open, it does not "open" the
folder. I search thru the Internet and discovered several "other" people
who have encountered this before but I have not understood the solutions.

How can I "reset" the right-click context menu(s) so that the listed options
work while I am in the "All Programs" section of the "Start Menu?"



Yves Leclerc

What program? I've been asking how to get the right-click context menu
"open/explorer" to work again in the "All Program" in "Start Menu". It
seems to be a Windows XP problem (registry or setting.)


With any user (including Administrator) and in any mode (including Safe
Mode), I can not use the right-click context menu correctly while in "All
Programs" section of the "Start Menu." The context menu "open" and
"explorer" does not work. Nothing occurs when I right-click and select
either "open" or "explorer". The big question is WHY? since the right-click
context menu works correctly everywhere else!

As per other suggested test:

-- Try a different user account -- same problem
-- Clean Boot -- same
-- Safe Mode boot -- Still no "open"/"explore" occurs in "All Programs"
in "Start Menu"




Yves Leclerc

The only issue is the "open/explore" option of the right-click context menu
while in the "All Programs" section of the Start Menu. This occurs for any
user account (Administrator also) and happens while in "Safe Mode". Drag
and Drag works.

The only thing I can come up with is PowerShell-XP3.01
( which I have since removed!


BTW: I have also posted this in the "private" newsgroups of Microsoft, so
as to try to find a solution. Here is what I tried, based on the
recommendation from there:

-- Tried different users
-- Tried Clean Boot
-- Tried Safe Mode
-- Tried System Restore
-- Tried System File Checker (SFC)
-- Tried a Windows repair re-install

None solved my dilemma!

Beside doing a complete fresh install, how can I get this right-click
context menu fixed!


Yves Leclerc

I was finally able to "solve" this problem!!!!

By reading a different post (on this newsgroup,) I finally understood how
ShellExView works! (I'm extremely thick-headed sometimes!)

I was able to determine that this problem was due to the fact that I had
installed "WhoLockedMe" shell extension. I had installed this based on a
recommendation of a magazine (which I do not remember!) It "seems" that
this shell extension is not "compatible" on the "culprit" PC. Once I
disabled it, the "open/explore" was working fine in the "All Programs"
section of the "Start Menu." I then located the "uninstall" batch file and
removed this function completely.

Thanks you all for your help!





I don't see anything listed via that would include those options;
however, what I do see that would and does cause many heartaches is adding
Copy to and Move to. I have the removal process on my tweaks page. As per
a second note, there is nothing listed within this utility that you couldn't
have manually done yourself.

I cannot reproduce your issue from your wording. Open and/or Explore only
work from the upper level All Programs, that is just the way it is.

"IF" open and explore didn't work from right clicking "All Programs" or the
Start Button, THEN the Directory and Folder shell have been renamed. If
this is the case, to correct:

Go to Start/Run/Regedit and navigate to:


Make sure they both read shell and not shell.old. An automated edit can be
found on line 380 via my tweaks page to restore if needed.

Other than the above, I am finished with this thread and wish you luck. You
are welcome, either way.

All the Best,

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