Need to know how to install a 2nd app



We have created a setup for 4 of our applications. Each of 4 apps all use
the same DLLs, OCXs, etc...the only difference is help files and exes.
Product1.exe, Product2.exe, Product3.exe, Product4.exe.

After installing the 1st app, upon launching setup again, the
Modify/Repair/Remove dialog will appear...we have added an 'Install
different application' radiobutton to this that one of the other
3 apps can be installed (different Reg, different directory for some, but
all the shared DLLs/OCXs, etc... all live within the same directory).

When I run the setup a 2nd time, the 2nd app won't install...because Windows
Installer thinks that it exists already. How do I tell Windows Installer



Phil Wilson

The ProductCode and PackageCode Guids are what identify the product on the
system. You need to change ProductCode so that Windows sees your new setup
as a new product. How to change the PackageCode depends on what you're using
to build your MSI file.

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