Need to designate "same household" for contacts


April K

Here is my question:

I have a main table that contains the complete contact
information for each stakeholder. This includes: name,
address, city, state, zip, phone, etc... What I need to
find is an easy way of designating when more than one
person is from the same household or organization.

For instance Jeff Jones and Tom Smith might both reside at
1234 Lincoln Way, No Where, US 55555. Currently, they
would both be entered into the database as individual
records. This generally works well for large companys &
organziations when recieving separate letters, invites,
notices, but for a property owner of a residence or small
business, several pieces of the same mail can be very

What I would like to do is find a way to designate them as
being in the same household so that when we send out a
newsletter or invite - only one is sent to the address,
but is addressed to all of the household members. Any

Thanks in advance for your help.


Sorry - I forgot one piece of info. Each stakeholder has
already been designated by "group type" - for example: US
Senator = USEN, Residential Property Owner = RPO, and so
on. Only RPO and a few other group types would fall into
what I am trying to do. Everyone else would still recieve
individual mailings...



Adrian Jansen

One way to solve this would be to have separate tables for the Contacts and
the Addresses. Then a junction table with entries for the ContactID and
AddressID. The you can put as many Contacts at one Address as you like just
by making multiple entries in the junction table. And of course you can
handle the reverse case where one Contact can have multiple Addresses -
Home, work etc.


Adrian Jansen
J & K MicroSystems
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