Need info about purchasing the correct Win XP Pro disk: OEM, DSP



I have purchased a Mac with Parallels to run Windows. I have a
decommissioned XP Pro license from another of my computers, which is an
upgrade disk. I have been having problems with the Mac with swapping
the disk as it has to be connected and disconnected, and then the Enter
key does not work. Anyway, that is more history than anyone needs.

I want to purchase a full version of Win XP Pro so that I don't have to
swap disks between Win2K and my Win XP Pro upgrade disk. I have found
some listings for disks which are OEM, and DSP. For example

If I purchase an OEM disk, is the disk married to the serial number so
that I can use the disk only for one serial number, or could I use the
disk with other decommissioned installations' serial numbers (I have 2
of them)? This is confusing to me. Thanks.

PA Bear [MS MVP]

You want to purchase a full-retail version of WinXP Pro, and you will need
to have the most recent version of Boot Camp installed, too.

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