Need help



I am trying to make a contact list using excel. I have been entering
addresses of business' into excel in the following format:

ABC Company
123 Booton Rd
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Phone: (555) 555-5555
Fax: (555)444-4444

I currently have over 20,000 business names in one single column and I was
wondering if there was a way that I can convert those addresses into seperate
rows separating them by: Name---Address---Phone #----Fax # without having to
copy and paste them or type them in individually



Anne Troy

What is the problem? I will translate the steps to suit your 5-line

Create three "sets". A set is the formula, and the corresponding blank rows
that follow it.

In C1, put =A1.
In D1, put =A2.
In E1, put =A3.
In F1, put =A4
In G1, put =A5

In C7, put =A7
In D7, put =A8
In E7, put =A9
In F7, put =A10
In G7, put =A11

In C13, put =A12
In D13, put =A13
In E13, put =A14
In F13, put =A15
In G13, put =A16

We make 3 sets, and select them.

You will select cells C1 through G17.

From here, we copy down. DO NOT STOP dragging until you've copied all the
way down. If you do, your "set" becomes however many cells are selected at
the time you begin dragging again.

~Anne Troy


I just cant seem to get it working, I think I may have too many addresses or
something. I think I've given up on it, I'm getting too frustrated but
thanks for your help.



Dave Peterson

It depends.

Are the addresses grouped (maybe separated by an empty row??)

If one of the lines is missing, is it always the same?

If you're missing one of the lines, is there anyway to determine which one is


There is always only one line in between the addresses...Its just that some
of the addresses have multiple phone numbers



Dave Peterson

Fax or Voice or either/both?

Do all the phone lines start with Phone or Fax?

You want to post a few (10 or 20 groups of addresses) that look like they're
typical--and include a few of the worst.

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