Need help with RecordSource and subform




I have developed a client-db (Access mdb) that collects some data and upload
the data to a server-db (Access mdb).

The front-end for the server-db should have the same functionality as the
client-dbs. I want only to set the recordsources not to local backend-db, but
to the server-db to see and edit all records uploaded?? How can I manage this?

Is this possible without to have big datatraffic if there will be more than
10000 records?




10,000 records is not that much.
Your description is a bit confusing. Are there 3 mdbs involved here?
If you are asking whether one front end (application objects) database can
link to more than one backend (data objects), the answer is yes. The only
thing to be aware of is if the two back ends have tables with the same name,
you will have to use different table names for the other.

If that doesn't answer your question, can you provide a more detailed
description, please.


thank you for your reply.

Yes. there are three databases:

#1 Client Database (splitted into FE.mdb and BE.mdb)
#2 Server Database (only DATA.mdb for data storage uploaded through clients)
#3 Server Database Front (splitted into FE.mdb and BE.mdb)

Database #1:
Clients connect to another DB to download updated data for working(prices,
materials...). This database is used for collecting possible orders.
The collected data is stored in BE.mdb for each client. The tables from
BE.mdb are linked to FE.mdb and the clients can edit the collected data.
After collecting it will be uploaded to #2

Database #2:
It has the same table structure as the BE.mdb from #1 (table names,

Database #3:
This database is identical with #1 but should have the functionality to not
only find, edit, upload data from BE.mdb which is stored local for each
database #3, but shoulld also be able to find and edit the data stored in #2.

The find/edit form for the collected data has a subform with a recordsource
SELECT * FROM tbl_data WHERE .... (the linked table to BE.mdb in #1 and #3)

I hope there is an easy way to combine #1 with #3 because this would help me
a lot in developing time saving.



If what you are saying is that you want to combine all the records in #1 and
#3 as one recordset, you will need to have a table you can use to copy the
data from both into so your form will see it as one recordset. You can't use
a Union query because the output of a Union query can't be edited.

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