Need Help with Public Forms



I have a Public Folder which holds a list of Customers (Contacts)

I've created a custom form based on Appointment. I have an extra tab
called Consultants Activity Recording, and on that tab I also have a
combobox called ComboBox1.

When I click on the combobox, I want it to display a list of all the
companys in my public folder.

I've added the following code to the form, but my combobox is blank.
What have I done wrong? Many Thanks.

Function Item_Open()
Dim oParentFolder
Dim oFolder
Dim oItems
Dim oControl
Dim i
on error Resume next

Set oParentFolder =
Set oFolder = oParentFolder.Folders("Public
Folders").Folders("Favorites").Folders("Discrete Customers")
Set oItems = oFolder.items
set oControl = Item.GetInspector.modifiedFormPages("Consultants
Activity Recording").Controls("ComboBox1")
For i = 1 to oitems.count
oControl.AddItem oitems.item(i).Company
oControl.Style = 2

Set oControl = nothing
set oItems=nothing
set oFolder=nothing
set oParentFolder=nothing

End Function

Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

Comment out the On Error Resume Next, and I think you'll find out where the problems are pretty fast. HINT: Your next step after that should be to look at the object browser in VBA to find out the correct property name.

Sue Mosher, Outlook MVP
Author of Configuring Microsoft Outlook 2003

and Microsoft Outlook Programming - Jumpstart for
Administrators, Power Users, and Developers


Thanks, I got it working.

oItems.Sort ("Company")

Set FormPage = Item.GetInspector.ModifiedFormPages("Consultants
Activity Recording")
Set oControl = FormPage.Controls("ComboBox1")

For i = 1 To oItems.Count
oControl.AddItem oItems.Item(i).Subject

oControl.Style = 2

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