NEED HELP WITH EMAIL GROUPS - moved from xp to vista


sasha's assistant

If someone can PLEASE help me, I would SOOO appreciate it.

We used to have XP and used "Outlook Express" we have Vista and
everything's transferred to "Windows Mail"

BIG PROBLEM: When I open up a Contact, I can no longer see what group(s)
I've put that person in.

When we had "Outlook Express" I could open a Contact & see the groups I put
them in (under the "Properties") and also delete them from one group or add
them to another. It's VERY BAD that I can't do that. I have thousands of
Contacts - so it's not like I can just open a group & double check in the
list of emails under that group...I have multiple groups (everyone is
grouped according to State...but there are actually several groups of the
states where we have more contacts, for example: - Austin, Group1, - Austin,
Group2, etc. And I've done that in the past only so that when I send a
flyer out I send it to one group at a time & I keep the groups at a maximum
of 80 contacts for each one so that the emails don't bounce back to me
because of too many sent at one time.

I've called & talked to directly Microsoft Windows Vista technical
assistance & they say that the ability to see what group(s) a contact is
listed under is not available in "Windows Mail" even though you could in
"Outlook Express". They suggested I try using "Outlook" which comes with
the Office 2007 package to see if it would let me work the groups better,
but when they uploaded my address book into it, it didn't even keep the
email addresses that I had separated into it looks like it
doesn't even work for what I need. They had no other alternative solutions

Thank you so much if you can help!

Sasha's Assistant

Gary VanderMolen

Windows Live Mail is slightly better in this regard.
Although it does not reveal which groups a contact is in, it will readily
let you copy or move that contact to other groups.

Have you investigated as to whether Mozilla Thunderbird would suit
you better? The problem is that none of the alternative email programs
will preserve the groups information when importing. I agree, it is
a sorry state of affairs.

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