Need help with .bat file association



I made a small change to my file associations yesterday and I need your help
to reverse it.

I wanted to be able to edit .bat files with an editor other than Notepad so
I opened the file associations dialog to associate .bat files with another
editor. That worked but, unfortunately, now that editor is the _only_ thing
that seems to be able to edit .bat files and, far worse, I seem to have lost
the ability to _RUN_ my .bat files! Whenever I double-click them, they get
opened in the editor; when I right-click them, I don't even have Open With
or Run options on .bat files any more.

How do I fix this problem?

I've gone into file associations and .bat files are not even listed as one
of the recognized file types. Yesterday, when I first messed with my file
types, I had no .bat type in the known file extensions either so I created
one but it still isn't listed. I tried creating the .bat type again, just to
see what would happen, but got this message when I clicked on OK in the
Create New Extension dialog:

Extension is in use

"Extension .bat is already associated with File Tpe MS-DOS Batch File. Do
you want to un-associate .bat with MS-DOS Batch File and create a new File
Type for it? (YES) (NO)

I'm confused! On one hand, Windows has no .bat filetype listed but on the
other hand, it is already in use. Which is it? How do I fix the file
associations so that I can RUN and OPEN my .bat files again?


When messing with registry settings, it's advisable to make a backup of the
registry before making the changes.

There's several ways to do this. You can export your registry (or just the
keys affected) using Regedit, you can backup the system state using MS
Backup, or you can just make a System Restore point.

- John


I've done what Doug Knox's page said to do: I found the line that restored
the default association for .bat files and ran it.

But I still don't have an "Open with..." option for my .bat files and the
only thing I can do with them is to edit them in the editor I specified

How do I fix this?


Anando said:

Restore Default File Associations Easily


Microsoft MVP- Windows Shell/User

Folder customizations

Protect your PC!


Yes, you're right, I should have backed up my registry before making this
change. Unfortunately, I didn't think to do that. I also don't have any
System Restore points to use at the moment; I deleted them all
(deliberately) when running some anti-spyware software yesterday.

What do I need to change in the Registry to get my .bat files working
correctly again?

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