need help with adding a record to a sql database 2008



I'm trying to learn sql by getting a database up and running on
2008 and SQL server express.
I have the database connected correctly, (i think) but when i try to
add a record using this code..

Dim db As New racedataDataContext
Dim newmeeting As MeetingInfo = New MeetingInfo
newmeeting.Date = Today

i get the following error..
Error 1 'add' is not a member of 'System.Data.Linq.Table(Of
I have been struggling with this for 2 days now nd cannot find a
solution. I am a noob :D

any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have the following namespaces declared:
Imports System.Data.Linq
Imports System.Data.Linq.Mapping



Kerry Moorman


Are you trying to learn sql or linq or how to interact with a database via a
programming language like

If you are trying to learn sql you certainly don't want to confuse that
issue with, linq, etc. You just need a relational database like sql
server and a tool like management studio express that will let you use sql to
interact with the database.

Kerry Moorman


Well, I don't have the answer, but I'll add this information for anyone who
might like to help both of us out:

The 'Add' method worked under Beta 2, and since I installed the release
version, every instance of adding a new row to a LINQ table in this way has
broken in my code. What you wrote should have worked, it seems, but
something has changed since Beta 2; just need to find out what. It worked so
beautifully before...


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