need help to achieve this calculation



Col A --------Col B ---------Col C
02/19/07 --- 75
02/20/07 --- 76
02/21/07 --- 37
02/22/07 --- 36.5
02/23/07 --- 17.50

Col. D --- Col E
02/21/07 --2
02/23/07 -- 1.5
I am looking for a formula that gives me the following output results.
If Col D first date exists in Col A ,match the date and multiply the
value in Col B with Col E value from first date to next date in Col D.If
second date in
Col D exists in Col A multiply the corresponding value in Col B with Col E
of both first date and next date.If Col D date does not exists,extract the
Col B value
without any change.
the ultimate results in Col C are 75,76,37multiplied by 2=74,36.5 multiplied
by 2
Thanks in advance for any help.




I started the data entries in row 1. I added in column F next to the 2 and
the 1.5
a test theat returned 1 if the date was found in column A and 0 if the date
was not found


then the formular in column C becomes simple


Make sure the $ are include correctly

I'm not sure from you instructions what happens if both dates are found. I
think you wantted the numbers multilplied by 2 + 1.5 = 3.5.

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