Need help on how to pass calculated field from a form to another form

Mar 28, 2014
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I need your expert advice on how to get calculated result on a subform of Form A to subform of Form B

For example, below is my calculated fiekd in Form [frmStockSearch]
=Nz(DSum("[Qty]","tblPurchaseOrderDetails","[SentTo] = 'Store' AND [ItemCode] = " & [Forms]![frmStockSearch]![ID]),0)
-Nz(DSum("[Qty]","tblOrderDetails","[SentFrom] = 'Store' AND [ItemCode] = " & [Forms]![frmStockSearch]![ID]),0)

I want to use the same calculation result in Form [frmStockSearchClient]. I know I can copy the same code by changing [frmStockSearch] to [frmStockSearchClient], but it is tedious as I have many calculated fields and many forms.

Thank you for your help. I greatly appreciate that.


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