need help debugging & out of process component


Jim Bancroft

I have an aspx page that calls a component living in an out-of-process
assembly; specifically, a dll that's hosted in a COM+ server package.
Whenever I debug my page and hit a breakpoint on the component in question,
I cannot step into its source. If I change the COM+ package configuration
from "server" to "library" mode debugging works fine and I can walk all over
my component's source.

No doubt it's the packaging that's giving me grief. My question is, how can
I debug the thing if it resides in a COM+ server package? I've been looking
at the various debugger settings in the component's VS .Net project and see
an option that reads "Wait to attach to an external process." Could that be
the key to victory here?

If anyone can give me a nudge or advice I'd be grateful, and thanks.




Scott Allen


You'll want to use Debug -> Processes and attach to multiple processes. A
COM+ server pckage will run in dllhost.exe by default. You can find the exact
process ID to debug by looking in the Component Services MMC for the process

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