Need formula to return next Monday's date

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Frustrated in Portland

I'm trying to return the mm/dd/yyyy for the next Monday on a continuing
basis. On a separate sheet I created column "A" with =TODAY() in cell A2
and filled down a series of the next six days. B2:B8 cells equal the
corresponding values from A2:A8 formated as dddd to display a continuously
rotating list of the days of the week.

I want to look up the text "Monday" from column B and return the
corresponding date value from column A. How can I use TEXT() in the
=INDEX(Sheet1!A2:B8,MATCH("Monday",Sheet1!B2:B8,0),2) function to make this
work? I'm getting #N/A.

Is there an easier way?

I'm using Excel 2007

Thanks, Frustrated in Portland

T. Valko

Is there an easier way?

So, if today is Monday then you still want next Monday's date?


Frustrated in Portland

Thanks for the helpful replies.

It works!

"No longer frustrated in Portland"

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