Need Advice on Hosting My Own Site




I have a Website created in FP that I edit live with over 500 pages and get
about 200 visitors per day. I also have SSL encryption, as I accept credit
cards online. The bad news is that I have a terrible Web host that I cannot
depend on, and as such, I need to change, but they are all so expensive per
month for large sites.

I also have a computer with Windows XP just sitting around doing nothing.

Is it advisable or is there a way to convert the extra computer into a
server and use it to host my own site, or is the size, the number of
visitors, the SSL encryption, or other factors negative factors?

If so or if not, do you have any tips or sound advice please? :)

Thanks a million!



Anne Troy

It wasn't as good in the beginning as it is now. Since I don't know what 500
pages and 200 visitors per day equates to, I'm not sure I'm in your size
range, but you can try (but I use these guys so I can
have multiple domains for a reseller account, which you might not need). I
also had a good experience with (5GB, 500GB/month BW) as
a web host running (they are not using them now--big
mistake), and I thought their service was great and their prices were
reasonable (less than 100/year).
Hope it helps!
Anne Troy

Tom [Pepper] Willett

Keep in mind that Windows XP Pro will only allow 10 concurrent connections
(not to be confused with users). one computer can make more than one
connection to the "server"


Generally a bad idea for many reasons. And there are many good cheap web
hosts out there. We have been using for years and have
never had the problems you seem to be having. For something like $20 a month
they - and others - have all that you need.


What do you mean by expensive? There are many hosts out there for $10
per month and less




Clark said:
What do you mean by expensive? There are many hosts out there for $10
per month and less

might be worth a look at ~ this going by what I'v seen from other in
the past.. I'v not yet tried this site ~ though from the look of it -
provides excellent bandwidth for traffic!


Not neccesarily.

For example, and Network Solutions both offer a very similar
small web package. Lunar Pages is around $8 a month, NS, is around $25.

For service, features, reliability, and support Lunar Pages beats NS hands





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