Need a Marco to find and delete an entire column based on text sea



I have a SQL export which comes as an excel file containing a large amount of
data I don't need. I would like to write a macro to find and organize the
data based on the column headings, however, the columns are variable so I
cannot use the column reference. I.e. I need to find the column with the
title "owner" which could be column D or column F or Column HH. Any advice
would be much appricaiate. Also, if you could suggest how to move and delete
columns... many thanks.

Per Jessen


This will get you started.

Sub Owner()
Dim f As Variant
Set f = Rows(1).Find(What:="owner", LookAt:=xlWhole)
If Not f Is Nothing Then
TargetColumn = f.Column
Msg = MsgBox("Column not found!", vbInformation, "Warning")
End If
Columns("A").Cut Columns("D") 'Move column A to column D
Columns("D").Delete 'Delete column D
End Sub


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