Navigation Toolbar for Exel created by Dave Peterson



I have tried to install the Navigation toolbar that Dave Peterson developed.
I followed the instructions step by step everything was correct until i got
to the part where the toolbar should be floating over the worksheet. I am
getting an error when i open excel "Run-time error '5' and it also says
Invalid procedure call or argument. Any idea what is happening? I am going to
post this a couple other areas so that i can get this figured out. I think
it will help me in other areas in learning how to do macros and find my



Dave Peterson

Please check your other post.

There's no reason to multi-post (separate posts to multiple newsgroups). If you
think you need to post to multiple newsgroups, you could include each newsgroup
in the header and send the message once. This is called cross-posting (and
usually isn't required).

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