My taskbar won't stay the way I put it--wah!


Walter Donavan

In the beginning, my taskbar behaves itself. But as time goes on, this

All new icons go at the end, and stay there, no matter how many times I move
them where I want them. I want them to stay where I dragged them. Is there
any registry fix for this?

(Restoring the registry to an earlier backup often means endless


There was a discussion about this within the last 10 days & there was no
solution to this problem. If you find out how to keep the icons in a certain
index of the quicklaunch bar then let me know. It must have something to do
with Internet Explorer



I corrected the problem, but am unable to list the specific solution. Here's
what I did.

o Stopped using a slipstreamed version (w/ SP4) of Win2000 and returned to
the original Win2000 CD.
o Made registry backups nearly every step of the way, using ERUNT.
o Upgraded IE5 to IE6 immediately after rebuild.
o Installed SP4 (from MSFT CD) and all 43 Windows Updates immediately after
o Installed almost no other software until above was complete. (That
included my preferred browser, FireFox.)

During this procedure, I had no problems with the taskbar, and I had copius
registry backups for comfort.

I also had a hard drive problem. My second (documents) 40GB drive seemed to
work OK, but Partion Magic 9 could not partition it and I could not check it
with Scandisk. S.M.A.R.T. also said it was OK. But on two occasions it made
funny noises during reboot, a first symptom of impending doom.

Eventually I realized it was sick, copied its files without incident to my
main drive, and disconnected the sickie. I am now using only the 60GB drive
with both OSs and all documents on its three partitions.

Everything's working OK now.

Btw, what's an "MCP"? Microsoft Certified Professional? MCSE? Microsoft
Certified Systems Engineer?

Thanks for your help.

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