My Outlook hang .... please help ..


Steven Wong


I have Outlook 2000 SP3 connect to my Exchange 5.5
I have set delivery to Personal Folder.
Every morning I logon to my PC and start Outlook,
it starts to delivery all new emails to my Personal Folder,
but then Outlook will hang and not responding,
I have waited 10 mins but no luck ...
I had to Ctrl-Alt-Del Outlook and start it again,
then everything works fine after that ...
Is this a bug for Outlook 2000 SP3 to auto delivery new emails
to Personal Folder at Outlook startup ?
Anyway to fix this problem ?


Ben M. Schorr - MVP

Why do you have it doing delivery to Personal Folders instead of just
leaving it in your Exchange mailbox? Would be better to leave them in the
mailbox and probably more stable too.


Ben M. Schorr, OneNote-MVP
Roland Schorr & Tower
Microsoft OneNote FAQ:

**I apologize but I am unable to respond to direct requests for assistance.
Please post questions and replies here in the newsgroup. Mahalo!

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