My Network Places



On our Windows 2000 server, all employees are set up with
a folder in the "Users" directory of the server to keep
personal work folders and other sensative information.
From any remote computer, some of these users folders
appear in "My Network Places" and others do not. How can
I set up the server so these user folders are not visible
in "My Network Places" to all other employees (remotely)
or each specific folder is only visible to it's
respective owner (remotely).

John - Controller


under the properties of the share, add a '$' sign
immediately following the name as you want it shared. in
other words: 'smith$' this will make the share invisible
on the network to everyone....then log in as smith on
smith's regular pc and map a drive to that share:
\\yourserver\smith$ . of course, set the security to only
allow administrators and smith access to that share.

hope this helps

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