My daughter just had her new baby



It is a girl! .Born May 8, 6 lbs 3oz but she was born 6wks too early and is
in the NICU because her lungs are not fully developed yet. The baby is
suppose to come home Sunday or Monday. I am going to help her on Tuesday.
I am taking the newsgroup info so I can get on, using her computer but you
will only see me from time to time for the next 2 weeks starting this
Tuesday. I will be back home Tuesday May 29.

This is my 4th grandchild- all girls. My son has 2 girls, (ages 5 & 2), my
daughter (4yr old and the new one)



Mazel Tov, robin!!

I hope everything is fine with your new granddaughter. I was musing at the
weight of the baby, even though she came 6 weeks early. Both my kids who
were born many, many years ago were full term. Yet my son weighed only 5
lbs, 9 oz and my daughter weighed 6 lbs even.

Times sure have changed. :>



Congrats to you and the family!! My kids were all full term and the oldest
weighed the most...5 lb. 15 oz., the other 2 were 5 lbs. 8 oz. and 5 lbs. 5
oz. They got smaller and smaller. LOL

Hope all goes well, and enjoy....:)


thanks guys, hopefully if all goes well she will be home today and Memorial
Day will be her baby naming.

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