My computer is always shutting down.



Hello everyone. I have a bit of a problem with my laptop at the
moment. It has had problems in the past, but this time it is starting
to bug me a lot. If I run more than three big programs (such as MSN,
an internet browser, and a drawing program) the computer will lag and
shut itself off. Just to let you know, I had an XP computer, but
recently installed XP Pro.

One of my friends had told me that it could be one of two possible
1. Loss of memory on my laptop. Or
2. Faulty memory.

Do you think this sounds reasonable? I think it does, but I have no
idea on how to fix this kind of problem. I would really like to get
this fixed up, because I hate talking to someone and automatically
losing the conversation log. Same goes for the drawing program.
Everytime I add something to it, I have to save it right away.

Mark L. Ferguson

Slowing down is one thing, and shutting down quite another. High activity
should only slow down the system. I think it much more probable that your
system is overheating. If you have a CPU way too hot to touch, you have a
heat problem. Sometimes this is a failed fan, sometimes a lack of heat
paste, or a loose fan/cpu connection. I would take a look at that, in any
case. There are utilities that will detect cpu temperature, but often they
are built into the BIOS utility

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