Must refresh folder to see changes to file or folder names


David F.

I have Win XP SP2 installed. I have a shared folder on our Win 2003 SBS R2
server. When one of our users (the boss) adds a folder to the shared folder
it doesn't show up untill "Refresh" is selected from the menu or he presses
the F5 key. Then we see the folder "New Folder". He can change the name of
the new folder but again the changes can't be seen until a refresh is done.
The same goes for adding new files or changing the names of existing ones.
This is only happens when he is working in the network shared folder. None
of the rest of our users are having this problem so I'm sure that it is a
problem with his computer.

Any ideas?






I had the same problem. After month of trying to resolve it, I ran across
this MS support document. It is a simple registry fix that worked for me.

Article# 823291 - File list in the Windows Explorer folder is not refreshed
after you create, move, or delete files

Have a good one..

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