Multipling entire columns b a single factor



I am creating a golf handi-cap program in Excel 97. In column A, th
players names. In column B is that players handicap index (player i
cell A7 shows his index in B7). Column C is to be the player handicap
for a specific course, which is calculated by the Value in column B
the handi-cap Index) times a constant factor such as 1.2036.

This way A7 says "Joe Golfer". Cell B7 is Joe Golfers handicap index.
Cell C7 is Joe Golfers handi cap in a specific course. The formula i
=B7*1.2036. The problem I have is getting ALL of column B to b
multipied by the same constant number-with the result of thi
calculation appearing in column C. I am having to enter a formula cel
by cell! With 30 players and 8 courses I would be typing all night
is'nt there a way to program the entire column at once?





Hi Rik

if i'm understanding you correctly you could approach it this way

in a cell - say D1 type 1.2036

change the formula in C7 to = B7 * $D$1
and copy this formula down (double click on autofill handle is the easiest

then all you have to do is to change the value in D1 and all the values in C
will change accordingly.

hope this helps


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