Multiple Versions of MS Office on TS - Licensing Question



Hi all,
I'm stuck on this licensing issue. There is a terminal server (Office 97
running on it) in my company and there are TS client machines (Office 97
installed on them and all licensed).
I want one of the client machines that connects to the terminal server to be
able to run MS Access so I bought Office 2003 license for one user.
But now, after i read many articles on licensing, i'm very much confused and
i don't know if it's proper to install Office 2003 on the same TS running
Office 97 and give the permission to use Access only to one user restrict it
for others.
At the same time Office 2003 installation overrides Office 97.
Please help me if you have any ideas.
Thanks in advance.

Vera Noest [MVP]

Licensing shouldn't be a problem, as long as you have a Office
license for every client that runs Office, either the locally
installed version, or through an rdp session. Details here:

Licensing Microsoft Office in a Windows Terminal Server

Running multiple versions of Office on a "normal" computer is
possible, although not recommended, but it is not possible on a
Terminal Server:

828956 - Running Multiple Versions of Microsoft Office with Office

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