Multiple users see table changes at different times?



I have an application where users pull records from a common table which acts
as a queue. The problem I am having is that different users are pulling the
same record. I do have a locking mechanism which I have tested and it works
flawlessly. This locks other users out while certain operations are
occurring. However, what is happening is that when I delete the processed
record from the queue (and I have tried both DELETE SQL command or .DELETE
via recordset), other users are able to retrieve the record AFTER the delete
takes place. I have proven this by issuing traces from each user. Does anyone
know why this happens and how I may prevent it? If I insert a delay loop
after the delete, it happens less often but I have not been able to find any
length of delay (other than a totally unacceptable one) that guarantees no
conflict will occur.




the only situation I am aware of regarding a user not seeing the current data
in a table is because their form has not been refreshed....and they are
seeing the data that was current when the form initially opened. this is
fairly common with comboboxes


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